Most of the time I complain about Western media coverage of African subjects, with white people (usually humanitarian workers, rich people or actresses) usually saving us.  But when things pan out differently, I’ll be the first to step up and acknowledge it. Maybe the fact that CNN International (not the US version) hired African journalists to do more of these stories (even they slip sometimes), has something to do with it. An example of the kind of reporting I like is the profile, in the video above, of Denis Mukwege, a doctor who operates on rape survivors in the Democratic Republic in Congo, as reported by CNN’s David McKenzie.

[It is a screen grab, I could not embed the video; so click on the picture to get the link to the video]


One thought on ““THE ANGEL OF BUKAVU”

  1. An Angel indeed, one among thousands of demons. Shame on the human race! Shame on those men! the “weaker sex” is always doomed to withstand the atrocities and consequences of the decisions made by men. When will it stop??

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